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Spectrum Day Saskatoon April 25, 2020
Denturists Program- Room: Courtyard

Breakfast & Registration from 8:00am

Exhibits open from 8:00am - 4:30pm

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Mark Chan, DD

Aesthetic Dentures with Hands-on demo

TIME: 8:30am-10:30am

Digital Denture with implants offers an exceptional comprehensive approach from start to finish scanning, design, and milling through to full/ partial denture fabrication. Characterization is also key to making your digital dentures stand out from the crowd. The highly esthetic results will make you realize that you do not need to compromise when going digital!

Mark Chan, DD, received his diploma from Denturism in Toronto at George Brown College with honours. Currently Mark is practicing in Ontario with a main focus on high-end removable and implant prosthetics. With a passion for both technical and clinical techniques he is certified in Bio-logic, BPS and SDC denture concepts and is a KunstZahnWerk "Art of Denture" award-winning Denturist, he is a sought-after consultant and opinion leader in the Denturist and Lab community.

Sponsored by: Swiss NF Metals

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Break in the Exhibit Hall

Luke LaRoque Walker

Everything Digital Dentures

TIME: 11:00am-12:00pm


The ability to produce “digital dentures” has advanced considerably in only the last one or two years. That being said the workflow options to produce partial and complete dentures using digital tools are still continuously evolving and as a result getting your head around how to produce a “digital denture”, and whether it makes sense to start investing in the hardware and software to accomplish this, is challenging.

Luke LaRocque-Walker, DD graduated from NAIT in 2013 and now practices in Cochrane, Alberta. He has taken a special interest in the digital revolution that has started in the field of removable prosthetics. Over the course of a year and a half he has adapted digital denture work flows into his everyday operations and continues to expand and grow with the ever-changing technology.

Sponsored by: Central Dental

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lunch in the Exhibit Hall

Denturist Society of Saskatchewan AGM

TIME: 1:30pm-3:30pm

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Reception TBC (Host bar) 

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