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Spectrum Day Edmonton 
Friday (Date TBA) - Room: Western Conf. Ballroom

Registration: 12:00-1:00pm

Exhibit Hall:  12:00-7:30pm - Grand Ballroom 

Ettore Palmeri

Effective Marketing with Social Media

TIME: 12:30PM - 1:30PM

Course Outline: The challenges faced in the digital evolution of our industry are being met: The Digital Revolution, provides exciting new ways to differentiate your business model. What does marketing mean to you and your business in the digital world?


Ettore Palmeri, MBA, AGDM, B.Ed., BA, is the President of Palmeri Media Group one of the largest dental media provider of print, digital and event solutions in Canada and the world.


​He taught at a high school in Mississauga and English at York University for five years before embracing the publishing world. Ettore is also an enthusiastic motivational speaker.

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Mark Rotseart

Chairside Digital Acquisition for Successful Treatment Planning and Fabricating Restorations

TIME: 1:30PM - 2:30PM

Course Outline: 

Practitioners are now using intra-oral scanners for digital acquisition for all restorations with success. The workflow and new techniques are always changing. In this lecture several topics will be discussed highlighting this everchanging world.


This presentation will consist of the following topics:

1. Techniques to create excellent digital impressions with the Medit i500.

2. Treatment planning with exocad software for implants 

3.. Workflow for fixed and removable restorations.

4. Thoughts and processes on creation of final restorations.

Mark Rotsaert, CCBW; More than fifty years ago, Mark's father, Henri Rotsaert, established Rotsaert Dental Laboratory in Hamilton, Ontario.  The lab continues to be a formidable business today with Mark and his siblings Nicole and Eric at the helm. Digital Dentistry is not new to the Rotsaerts. In 1986 Henri met Dr François Duret and invested in his chairside system Hennson Industries. Mark has been involved with digital dentistry for more than 20 years. In 2004, Rotsaert Dental Laboratory started Emerald Dental Works - the first milling center in Canada with 3M ESPE LAVA. In 2014 Emerald Dental Works introduced EmCad, an exocad design system. Emerald now has partnerships with Medit for scanners, Envisiontec for 3d printing, Roland for mills and Zircom for sintering furnaces. Most recently with the addition of the Medit i500 and elos scan bodies, Emerald is creating solid solutions for intra-oral scanning.  Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the perspective of an owner. 

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Break in the Exhibit Hall

Robert Salisbury

The Bottom Up Approach (getting to within 300 microns)  

TIME: 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Course Outline:

Management and shepherding data is critical in today’s workflows not just for quality but for costs. More importantly, your outsourcing partners may be part of your production and prosthetic strategy. ACE Surgical has a portfolio with regeneration material, surgical tooling and Implants, and as the global largest dental bone processor, its regulatory record is spotless for safety, accuracy and consistencies. Our aim is to add efficiencies bringing down the premium costs in implant treatment. 

Let’s connect the digital dots to make prosthetic output a more precision cost affordable treatment. This can only happen with collaborative approach in the future. 

Robert Salisbury has been a practicing dental technician since 1980. As a past lab owner, technical educator at the largest group in Canada, and technical & clinical support for major implant companies, Robert has moved to develop the efficiencies in the evolution of digital collaboration from surgical planning to prosthetic output. He was instrumental in setting up and choosing ITI fellows in N. Alberta. Adopting The Simple, Advanced, Complex educational model from the International team if implantology, attempts are to simplify the prosthetic from the bottom up approach. Predicting with Al the breaking points before treatment will eventually raise long term success’s. 


  • Sponsored by: Henry Schein

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Devaughn Frazer

​The Ever Evolving Digital Dental Landscape - Digital Dentures, Refined Lab Workflows - inLab 20 Simply Powerful  

TIME: 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Course Outline: Did you blink? If so, you might of missed it. The lab world is changing not only by the year, but almost by the month now. Devaughn's presentation will shed light on some notable aspects of these adaptations, and will guide you through this fog of change and confusion. 


Anchoring the digital landscape is Dentsply Sirona's inLab suite. At the core of these innovations has always been the needs of the technician, offering various choices to laboratories as to how they can best modernize according to their unique needs and budgets. In keeping with this trend, there will also be discussion on DS's software 20, demonstrating the new verified denture workflow and the methods in which Dentsply Sirona is transforming and improving the dental industry once again. 

Devaughn has worked in the health industry for 16 years - 12 of which specifically as a technician, or in the capacity of Director of Highland Dental Lab. Seeing, and anticipating the morphing dental landscape, modernization began at Highland 12 years ago with the acquisition of their first in-house milling unit. 

Since that time, no other lab or practice in Canada has created more restorations with their Sirona MCXL than Highland. 


Ten years later, the lab is truly state of the art with multiple scanners, mills, and a 3D model printer. Not to be overshadowed by equipment, Devaughn has received advanced design certificates from Sirona and Vita. Further, he is numbered amongst a lucky few that are ‘Global inLab Trainers’, certified and instructed in Germany and Italy. Devaughn self identifies as a ‘tooth nerd’ and can be found immersed in a dental publication or tinkering with his dental ‘toys’. Beyond that, Devaughn is an avid outdoorsmen, rugby fanatic and suffers from a congenitally defective sense of humor. 


  • Sponsored by: Dentsply Sirona

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Break in the Exhibit Hall

Bassam Haddad, MDT

One Touch, The Natural Solution for Vita 3D Master and Classic Shades on Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate 

TIME: 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Course Outline: During  this Seminar Bassam Haddad will present the many benefits of the ceraMotion One Touch System.

  • How to convert classical vita shades to 3D master with cM no limits ceramic pastes.

  • Building a natural pink gum line with cM pink ceramic pastes.

  • Advantages, to achieve aesthetics in one bake or as many as needed.

  • Short demonstration vidoes that show the ease of use.


Bassam Haddad, MDT, has graduated in 1990 and earned many professional international certifications and masteries of various systems of dental technology. He is serving as a opinion leader consultant for Dentaurum.. He is known for giving passionate lectures and hands on courses. He is the author of several international articles and a proud member of Oral Design international group.

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