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Spectrum Day Montreal

October 04, 2019


1050 Sherbrooke St. W, Montreal, QC H3A 2R6


8:30AM - 9:30AM


Smart Digital Solutions for the Modern Laboratory. (NEW LECTURE- EN)

Mark Rotsaert, CCBW

marks portriat.JPG

Course Outline: 


The aim of this lecture is to illustrate the importance for lab owners, dental technicians and dentists to embrace the changes that the digital revolution has brought to the dental sector.  A smooth digital workflow in treatment planning allows optimal results in terms of quality, effectiveness and cooperation within the treatment team, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.

Sponsor: Emerald Dental


Mark Rotsaert has been in the dental industry all his life and has been involved in the fabrication of digital dental prosthesis for more than 20 years. Like his father, he always looks for new alternatives in the digital world. In 2014 after extensive research, Emerald Dental Works joined with medit, exocad, envisiontec, Roland, Quatro, Zircom to launch HPR Digital Solutions. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he will share. He has been published on Communication and Digital Dentistry. He has lectured and given numerous table clinics and presentations on digital dentistry.

9:30AM - 10:30AM

“Partnering on Digital Solutions to Expand your Business”- (EN)

 Moe Elbanna, CDT, TE


Course Outline:

The lecture will outline the options for workflows, equipment and materials to establish a successful digital solution in your lab or clinic.  We will also share examples of implementations and share resources to grow the capabilities and portfolio of the lab or denturist.

Digital Solutions: Addressing the Full Production Workflow of Amann Girrbach Ceramill System – Will address detail look into end to end workflow solution of AG’s main capabilities, covering from simple restorations to all on 4 Cases, including design of dentures, partials and outlook into how software
and hardware is changing Amann Girrbach’s unique system solution for the laboratory efficient production.

Sponsor:  Amann Girrbach & Zahn Dental

Moe Elbanna, CDT, TE
Product Specialist & Technical Trainer
Amann Girrbach Certified Trainer
Certified on “Partial Dentures with Ceramill M-part & ULTAIRE AKP”


Moe holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Technology from Southern Illinois University (SIU). He has been a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) in Crown & Bridge since 2000 and has been designated the “Technologist” (TE) title by the NBC, as well.  Moe was a lab owner and worked for Straumann before joining Amann Girrbach. He has taken many courses and classes on Amann Girrbach, 3Shape, Straumann Cares / Dental Wings, Cerec inLab, and Nobel Biocare’s systems and has been heavily involved in CAD-CAM since 2007. Moe possesses an extensive knowledge of implantology and has experience on complex implant supported restorations.

10:30AM - 11:00AM BREAK TIME

11:00AM - 12:00PM

UDS Representative Québec (translator)

Digital Workflow in Dentistry - (EN & FR)


Kevin Shams, RDT Michel Goriounov,

Kevin Shams.jpeg

Course Outline: 


  • Input data : Desktop Lab Scanner and Intra-oral scanner.

  • CAD: Designing C&B and Implants cases, fast and easy!

  • Production: Simplify Milling Zirconia and Printing with NextDent Printer.

Sponsor:  Unique Dental Supply


Kevin Shams graduated from Lambeth College, London (UK) as a Dental Technologist in 2010.
He worked as a registered dental technician in Kurban Dental Laboratory in Harley Street, London for eight years and spent one year at the Hoil Dental Milling Centre in Surrey, UK. He specialises in
CAD - CAM and 3D printing in dentistry.

12:00PM - 1:00PM LUNCH TIME

1:00PM - 2:00PM


“Lithium – Zirconia Materials: High Strength and
Uncompromised Esthetics” -

Kris Piotrowicz, RDT

Kris Piotrowicz-Picture.jpg

Course Outline: 


The introduction of a highly translucent zirconium-reinforced lithium silicate glass ceramic foundation, supporting average biaxial strengths of over 541Mpa with uncompromised shade consistency with streamlined processing steps will be presented. In addition, for he production of “bread & butter” monolithic crowns, new pre-shaded highly translucent and multicolor zirconia materials that rival

micro-layered ceramics are now available to address anterior esthetics and posterior strength concerns without the need for internal or external staining for shade matching. Now, two “Out of the Box” materials meeting patient needs, strength, shade tab reproduction, and have a simplified process

work-flow are available.


Program Objectives:

  • Understanding of available materials to meet patient indications.


  • Effectual staining techniques that produce shade tab colors.

  • Streamlined processing of Lithium and Zirconium restorative materials.

  • Optimizing esthetics of CAD/CAM fabricated monolithic restorations.

  • Use of Effectual porcelains to provide depth and vitality through micro-layering.


Sponsor: VITA

Kris Piotrowicz, RDT has over 30 years of practical experience in Dental technology. In 1983 he graduated from Dental Technology Program in the city of Gdansk, Poland, where he grew up. He has worked in dental laboratories in Poland, Greece and Canada, where he received his registration in 1995. Since 2000 he owns and operates Select Dental Laboratory Inc. where he specializes in CAD/CAM fabricated metal free crown and bridge prosthetics.


2:00PM - 3:00PM




Christian Ferrari


Course Outline: 


Durant cette conférence, Christian Ferrari va vous présenter les avantages des nouvelles gammes de céramiques en pâte One Touch; Apporter de la vie aux couronnes monolithiques, augmenter la finesse et la densité de surface aux céramiques stratifiées, gérer avec plus de facilité la luminosité interne, mais aussi la vivacité des couleurs, tout en augmentant leur translucidité et leur profondeur. Approcher encore plus la nature en créant un noyau interne avec la céramique en poudre Céra Motion et y intégrant ensuite des effets de profondeur avec les pâtes en One Touch et One Touch No limits. Enfin, élaborer des fausses gencives très naturelles grâce au One Touch Pink.


Christian Ferrari Céramiste dentaire, leader d’opinion, conférencier reconnu internationalement, Christian Ferrari est un prothésiste dentaire venant de France tout récemment arrivé au Québec. Après avoir passé dix années en Suisse auprès de céramistes de renom, il ouvre son premier laboratoire en France. Très rapidement reconnu pour son sens et sa maîtrise de l’esthétique, il fût approché par une maison internationale et apporta sa contribution au développement des lignes de céramiques, dont sa propre porcelaine, qu’il présenta à travers le monde. Reconnu également pour ses qualités de photographe, il contribua à l’élaboration de nombreux ouvrages. En 2008, il créa sa propre Académie dentaire, où il forma de nombreux céramistes venant de tous pays.

Sa passion, mais aussi sa curiosité, le pousse aujourd’hui à explorer le potentiel des nouvelles générations de céramiques en pâte… « Ceramotion One Touch »


3:00PM - 3:30PM BREAK TIME

3:30PM - 4:30PM


The ultimate esthetic solution for All Ceramics with Skeleton
Build-up layering technique.

Sean Park MDC, DTG

Sean Park MDC DTG.jpg

Course Outline: 


Sean Park, MDC, DTG, shows his protocol of layering technique for all ceramic restorations from minimum invasive feldspathic to zirconia. Sean Park MDC, DTG is a master dental ceramist. He studied and graduated UCLA Center for Esthetic (Director Dr. Edward McLaren.) After he graduated, He worked as a part-time instructor at UCLA and he is the member of Dental Technician Guild.

Sponsor: Kuraray

Sean Park started his own practice, Oper Art LLC, a dental laboratory located in Santa Monica Califronia. He is international instructor of Kuraray Noritake and actively involved in many areas of Esthetic dentistry and material research. He has published many articles and presenting many lectures and courses for ceramic and esthetics dentistry internationally.


4:30PM - 5:30PM


Engineering a Prototype with Computer Dental Diagnostics - (EN)

Nick Glickman

Nick Glickman (print).jpg

Course Outline: 


Create your own instant loading solutions! Zirkonzahn has developed a 100% digital workflow simplifying
restorative and surgical planning to place functional and aesthetic prototypes on the day of surgery – all in one integrated system. Nick Glickman shows you how to position maxilla to patient occlusion on 3D face scans, conduct a full-arch virtual setup, plan implant placement, craft surgical guides and fabricate a breathtaking prototype for surgery. The workflow expert will also review CAD/CAM techniques to create aesthetic try-ins to bolster case acceptance and word-ofmouth marketing tactics.

Sponsor: Zirkonzahn

Nick Glickman is the education director for Zirkonzahn USA. An expert in digital workflow and business development, Nick synthesizes technical expertise with market demands to bring new workflow solutions to digital dentistry. Leveraging a background in business consulting, he helps laboratories build new business frontiers with digital workflows through tailor-made education programs at Zirkonzahn education centers worldwide.




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