Spectrum Day Toronto
October 26, 2018

Technical Program 1

Room: McKennit 4-6

Technical Program 1 


9:30AM - 10:30AM

Clinical Partnerships and the Fusion of “Hand Made” with Technology

Bobby Williams, CDT

Course Outline: 

The need for a harmonious partnership between the technician and the dentist is now more evident than ever. This presentation will dive into the mechanisms of understanding and delivering restorative solutions to meet form, function, and patient driven cosmetics. Clinical and laboratory process flow from case diagnosis, treatment planning, communication, advanced CAD/ CAM alternatives, and case fabrication to completion will be explored in detail. Clinical cases will be presented to illustrate the process and explain how the partnership of the dental team will consistently provide desired outcomes for the patient as well. Program Objectives:

• Understanding indications and restorative designs to meet expectations.

• Selection of materials to meet esthetic but functional demands.

• Communication and the understanding of a dental team approach.

• Embracing technology, incorporating artistry for consistent results.


Bobby Williams, CDT is a graduate of the Kois Center and attended the University of Oklahoma and followed his undergraduate studies with a dental laboratory technical school in Dallas, TX. He has over twenty five years of experience as a lab technician and owner. He has owned and operated, for the last seventeen years, a very active, high-quality, all-ceramic laboratory, Synergy Ceramics, that specializes in cosmetic restorations from single tooth to full-mouth reconstruction. He is a senior member of Claude Sieber’s “Art & Experience”. He lectures and teaches courses internationally on Patient Specific Abutments, Implants, porcelain and indirect composites.

10:30AM - 11:00AM: BREAK



Paul cascone.jpg

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Zirconia Science - What you should know

 Paul J. Cascone, BE MeTE, MS

Course Outline:

In this seminar you will learn about the material zirconia, such as where the

material comes from, the impact of processing on the material’s properties,

and how dental grade zirconia is made.


We will discuss the nature of zirconia and how the material’s properties are

both a help and a hindrance for dental applications. We will also review zirconia cases that have fractured and explain the cause of the fractures and how to prevent fractures in the lab and in the dental operatory.

Paul Cascone, BE MeTE , MS, is Senior Vice President of Research & Development at The Argen Corporation. He’s developed numerous dental alloy products and applied dental metallurgy to the laser-selective-melting process, enabling alloys to be a part of the digital world. He holds patents on dental alloys, materials and processes and has published articles on alloy development, metal-ceramic bonding, computer modeling of material systems and computer simulation material processes.



giordano 2.jpg

1:00PM - 2:00PM

The Right Material for Every Situation- Evidence Based Selection

Dr. Russell Giordano II, D.M.D, D.SC, CAGS,F.A.D.M

Course Outline:

A wide variety of materials are available for the fabrication of monolithic and

veneered framework restorations. Ceramics will be discussed with respect to

properties, handling, and clinical applications. The latest developments in glass

ceramics and zirconia are reviewed. Full contour zirconia remains the fastest

growing segment of the “monolithic” market. Zirconia types, manufacturing

methods, and finishing of the material can affect strength, wear, and longterm

survivability. Cements and bonding techniques for ceramics will also be presented.


Dr. Russell Giordano II , D.M.D, D.Sc., CAG S Prosthodontics, F.A.D.M.

Associate Professor and Director of Biomaterials at the Boston University

Goldman School of Dental Medicine and a tenured Associate Professor in the

Division of Materials Science and Engineering. He received a D.M.D., certificate
in prosthodontics and D.Sc. at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He worked

on the development of the CEREC Vitabloc MKII at the Massachusetts Institute

of Technology as a postdoctoral student. Since 1987, Dr. Giordano have been actively involved in materials development and testing for CAD/CAM systems, tissue engineering, and restorative materials. His research on CAD/CAM materials led to the invention of a new machinable block marketed as Enamic.


2:00PM - 3:00PM

High skilled dental culture from the heart of Europe

Enrico Steger, MDT

E. Steger will come to Toronto to outline how the advent of CAD/CAM systems on the dental market has modified the relationship within the treatment team and patients and how it has changed traditional craftsmanship values for dental technicians. Technical progress is indeed an important asset to take a step forward to an integral and precise digital workflow, which, however, cannot exclude manual dexterity, the core of dental technology. During the conference, E. Steger will explain how it is possible nowadays to merge innovation with tradition, pointing out the crucial role that ongoing education plays in this context. As a man of vision, he will provide an outlook on modern technologies in the dental field, ranging from the newest implant planning solutions to innovative patient acquisition systems for 100% precise and individual restorations, which can enhance the cooperation within dentists and dental technicians and improve patient’s satisfaction. The

presentation will be supported by the demonstration of clinical cases, with insights on all possible case solutions considering material variety.



  1. Define innovative working methods for a complete digital workflow, from implant planning technologies to innovative solutions based on the virtual
    3D patient, for an enhanced patient satisfaction and a better cooperation
    within the treatment team

  2. Describe the importance of ongoing education in order to keep pace with the latest developments and working techniques, combining them with traditional professional values

  3. Analyze clinical cases discussing different case solutions considering material options”

Enrico Steger, MDT is the founder and owner of the worldwide Zirkonzahn company, located in the middle of the Alps and strongly related to the homeland values of trust, responsibility, discipline and perseverance. Well-known in the dental sector for the invention of several innovative dental solutions, among which the monolithic zirconia Prettau® Bridge.

3:00PM - 3:30PM: BREAK


3:30PM - 4:30PM

The road to success with Katana Zirconia and FC Past Stain

Jean Chiha, CDT

Course Outline:

This lecture will focus on how to treat Katana Zirconia to get the best results.

Learn what you need to do to keep your Sintering oven in good shape. What

make FC past stain different and how easy is to apply on your cases.


Jean Chiha, CDT, owner of North Star Dental Laboratories and Milling Center in

santa Ana, CA ad has served as president of DLOAC from 2013 to 2016. He is

a graduate of Institu Dento Technic Private School in Aix en provence France

and lectures internationally on dental communication, zirconia material and

case planning.

O. Tric.12.2016.jpg
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4:30PM - 5:30PM

Achieving excellence in fixed prosthetics with modern materials

Oliver Tric, MDT, CDT

Course Outline:

In this lecture Olivier Tric will offer insights on the current trends and the direction the dental profession is taking. He will cover his recipe for achieving excellence on a daily basis through an extensive analysis of his clinical cases. He also defines his strategy for longterm success that will help you reach a new level in your work quality, efficiency, marketing, and communication.

Olivier Tric, MDT, CDT began his studies in France at the College of Leonardo
De Vinci and the University of Pharo while concurrently pursuing an apprenticeship in Dental Technology. His specialties include all facets of porcelain restorations on both natural teeth and osseointegrated implants. He is recognized by his peers as a pioneer in the industry by developing new and unique methodologies that are taught worldwide.


He is widely published on the topic of ceramic layering techniques and aesthetic dentistry in industry journals such as Spectrum Dialogue, Practical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry and Quintessence Dental Technology. He also serves on the Editorial Board for Spectrum Dialogue, and Teamwork Magazine. Mr. Tric is a highly respected lecturer and educator, teaching hands-on courses to dentists and technicians throughout the world. He is regularly consulted by leading Dental Manufacturers and Laboratories for input on new product development. He currently operates Olivier Tric Dental Laboratory and Educational Center in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, Illinois.




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